Four essentials for winter fitness

Four essentials for winter fitness

Warm-up activities should be full of cold weather, protective contraction of various organ systems of the human body, reduced elasticity and reduction of muscles, tendons and ligaments, increased muscle viscosity, expanded joint range, and reduced air humidity, soPeople feel thirsty, irritable, feel stiff, and hard to stretch.

Exercise without warming up often results in muscle strains and joint sprains.

  Therefore, when performing fitness exercises in the winter, especially in the body, you must first do a good warm-up activity. After jogging, freehand exercises, and a small amount of light equipment exercises, make your body warm up and sweat slightly, and then engage in fitness exercises.

  Clothing should be comfortable to carry out fitness exercises in winter. Begin to wear more clothes. The clothes should be soft and not too tight. After warming up, take off some thick clothes.

After exercise, if you are sweating, prepare to dry your sweat in time, change to sweating sportswear, shoes and socks, and wear a hat to prevent loss.

In addition, you should pay attention to keeping warm when exercising on your body. After the exercise, your body is hot and hot. You always want to cool down, but you should not stand in a windy place. You should return to the room as soon as possible, dry your sweat, and change into clean clothes.
  As the saying goes, “cold is born from the feet”, because people’s feet are far away from the heart, there is too much blood supply, coupled with the thin skin of the feet, the warmth is poor.

Therefore, it is especially easy to feel cold feet when exercising in winter and summer.

If the head, back, and feet are cold, cold air penetrates into the body from the fur, mouth, and nose, which not only affects the effect of fitness exercises, but also causes colds and illnesses.

Usually some fitness enthusiasts like to wear fitness shoes for winter, which is not good.

Because rubber-soled shoes resonate quickly, the soles of the feet are easily cold when not exercising, which causes frostbite, arthritis and other diseases.

  Exercise methods should be appropriate. Due to the cold winter, a small amount of body has increased compared to other seasons, and body weight and body circumference have increased accordingly. Although this is long for obese people, it is fat but it is not ideal for the development of muscle contours, lines and strength.
Therefore, winter fitness should increase the intensity and intensity of exercise, increase the number and number of movements, increase the content of aerobic exercise, and extend the exercise time accordingly, so as to improve performance, develop special qualities, consume body fat, and prevent slight excessesaccumulation.

In addition, pay attention to the exercise interval should be shorter, especially in the top should avoid prolonged in cold air.

  If the gap time is too long, the temperature will drop, which will easily weaken the muscles from the excited state and increase the viscosity, which will not only affect the exercise effect, but also easily hurt when performing the next group of exercises.

  The environment should be comfortable in winter. People are used to closing the gym windows tightly.

As everyone knows, people exhale more than 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour in a quiet state.

If more than ten people are exercising at the same time, it will be more than 200 liters per hour.

Coupled with the decomposition products of sweat, bad gases excluded from the digestive tract, etc., the indoor air is seriously polluted.

In such an environment, people will experience dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite, and the exercise effect will naturally be poor.

  Therefore, when exercising indoors, be sure to keep the indoor air flowing and fresh.

In addition, it is not advisable to exercise in the courtyard where the soot is diffused and the air is cloudy in winter.

At the same time, pay attention to weather conditions that are too bad, such as heavy sand, heavy snow or cold weather. Do not exercise in the vineyard for the time being.

If you want to exercise in the stadium, you should choose a place that is sunny and sheltered from the wind.

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