It is very simple to distinguish elderly dementia

It is very simple to distinguish elderly dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is a common recessive degenerative encephalopathy, which is very slow and is not easy to be detected in the early stage.

Most family members and relatives do not understand the early symptoms of dementia. They think that when people are old, their memory is diminished, their temper is strange, and they don’t agree. As a result, early diagnosis and treatment are delayed.

By the time the disease progresses to the middle and late stages, the best treatment opportunity has been lost.

At present, there is a certain saying that replacing one or method 2, 3 and using it for prediction is of great help in early judgment of dementia.


The back word memory test proposed by the University of Minnesota in the United States helps to diagnose early dementia.

First, show the testee 10 words, such as cigarettes, salt, watches, buttons, grass, trains, flowers, fingers, rubs, books.

Let the subject remember for a minute and rest.

After five minutes, let the examinee recite the 10 words.

Normal 65-85 year olds should remember more than 6 words, if less than three can be diagnosed as dementia.

The diagnostic accuracy is up to 95.



It is judged whether it is dementia or not.

A study by Columbia University professor Daming Radar Vanand found that smell is associated with dementia.

Determining whether an elderly person has the ability to distinguish 10 specific odors can clearly predict the presence of dementia.

These 10 flavors are strawberry, cigarette, soap, menthol, clove, pineapple, natural gas, lilac, lemon and leather.


The World Health Organization recommends the Japanese Hasegawa Intelligence Table as a simple method for early diagnosis of dementia.

After being improved by scholars from various countries, adapting to China’s national conditions is the most widely used intelligence measurement method in China.

The content and rating criteria for the subject are as follows: (1) What date is it today?

Day of the week?

Score 0-3 points; (2) Where is this place?

Score 0-2.

5 points; (3) How old are you this year (a difference of 3-4 years is accurate)?

The score is 0-2 points; (4) When is the time and place of the recent major events?

Score 0-2.

5 points; (5) What is your hometown?

Score 0-2 points; (6) The end of the Pacific War that year (a difference of 3-4 years is accurate)?

Score 0-3.

5 points; (7) How many days in 1 year?

Score 0-2.

5 points; (8) Who is the Chinese National Prime Minister?

Score 0-3 points; (9) What is the continuous reduction from 100-7-7.?

The score is 0-4 points; (10) The number of backward readings is 6→8→2 and 3→5→2, and the countdown is 0-4 points; (11) Five kinds of items such as cigarettes, matches, pens, keys,Watch.

Let the subject correct the name of the item, then hide it, ask the subject what the item is, and say the name, score 0-3.

5 points.

  Grading Criteria: The answer is 0, and the total score of the above 11 questions is 32.5 points.
  Intelligent evaluation: normal person 31.


5 points, mild dementia 22.


5 points, moderate dementia 10.


5 points, severe dementia 10.

0 points or less.

  Mild dementia: bad memory, lose three pull four, say the words to forget, temper, but life can take care of themselves.

  Moderate dementia: near memory continues to decline, cognitive function is low, subjective, do not know acquaintances and family members, lost to find their own home, life needs someone to take care of.

  Severe dementia: smart serious decline, forget your age, incontinence, confusion, and life can not take care of themselves.

  Mild dementia will go to the hospital as soon as possible, and early diagnosis and treatment can effectively prevent further development of dementia.

Don’t miss the opportunity.

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