Winter care and tender lips full and tender strategy


Winter care and tender lips full and tender strategy

Because our lips are always a barrier to the stratum corneum, they are often more vulnerable to the effects of climate and the environment.

When the cold air invaded in the winter, the lips became dry and dehydrated.

If you want to have supple lips in winter, you don’t have to pay a few times more effort than in other seasons, but you can’t do it. Let’s learn the secrets of winter lips maintenance with Xiaobian now.


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Applying the right medicine according to different lip problems can make you lick your lips.

  Problem 1: Lips with chapped lips The thickness of the lip skin can only be replaced by other parts of the body. When the dry winter comes, the lips will appear dry, peeling, and peeling.

  Rescuing the offensive strategy: 1. Use a towel with hot air to pat gently on the lips, and then gently roll off the dead skin of the lips with a cotton swab.。
  Recommended products: Fancl lip balm 80 yuan / 2.

3g forms a moisturizing film to prevent the lips from drying out and keeps the cherry lips shiny at all times.

Makes the lipstick base film to make the lipstick more pigmented and last longer.

  Ou Min skin repair lip balm 60 yuan / 4 grams pure, no fragrance, no preservatives.

Rebuild lips protection film, long-term resistance to free radicals, make lips say goodbye to rough winter cracks and restore full elasticity.

  2. Apply lip balm daily.

It is necessary to carry a high-quality lip balm with you. It can moisturize the lips at any time to prevent dry and peeling lips.

  Recommended lip balm: Yiquan soft lip balm 100 yuan / 4g This product is called “the most popular lip balm in ten years”, which contains natural avocado oil essence and vitamins A and E to deeply nourish the lipsSkin, repair lip lines.

Gently apply a layer, and you can immediately reach a silky softness.

  Problem two: Lips are dull and dull. Lips are dull and dull after sun exposure.

MMs who often make up should pay more attention to it, because incomplete makeup will cause dull and dry lips, and serious cases may be infected with “lipstick disease”.

  Salvation Strategy: Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, and take appropriate amounts of vitamins A, B, and C instead. These can improve the dullness of the lips.

Apply a light layer of lip gloss before going out, which can brighten the color of lips and make lips look watery.

  Love Eye Gorgeous Bright Lip Gloss 180 yuan / 4g high tolerance, does not contain lanolin and allergen fragrances, a small amount of light and non-sticky, bring a comfortable use experience, a light brush, make lips permeable to waterIt is moisturizing, plump, plump and dazzling, and can be used with lipstick.

  Small details to pay attention to when maintaining tender lips: 1 Do not lick your lips at will.

  In fact, licking the lips will only bring a short-term moisturization. When the moisture of these lips evaporates, it will take away more water inside the lips, causing the lip mucosa to wrinkle, thereby drying more severely. In severe cases, secondary infections and swelling will occur.That caused the pain.

  The correct way is to drink plenty of water and replenish the lost water.

When you feel that your lips are dry, choose some lip balm products that have a higher moisture content.

  2 Do not peel.

  Lips are usually peeled after the lips are chapped, but the skin always sticks to the lips before being placed. If you tear the skin off, it will naturally cause bleeding, pain, and lip skin rupture.

  The correct way is to soften the dead skin with a hot towel, clean it with a cotton swab, and then apply lip balm.

  3 Do not ignore indoor air humidity.

  The correct method is to use a humidifier to increase the indoor air humidity to ensure that the skin can be in a larger humid environment and avoid a series of skin problems caused by excessive dryness.

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