Baby paying attention to the details of the bath

Baby paying attention to the details of the bath

For parents who are new parents, bathing your baby is not easy.

After the baby is born, in the days when the mother is not discharged, a special nurse will bathe the baby. Once discharged, the parents will bathe the baby in person.

  Bathing a baby can not only clean the skin, but also speed up blood circulation and promote baby growth and development, so learning to bathe a baby is something every parent should do.

The next day after your baby is born, you should take a bath once a day if you can.

The obstetric nurse Li Guifeng specially introduced some steps and details of bathing the baby.

  Details one: water temperature at 38?
Should the baby be bathed between 41 months before breastfeeding?
2 hours to avoid vomiting.

The bath tub for newborns is best used exclusively. Brush the tub clean before bathing. If possible, use hot water to wash the tub to avoid leaving bacteria.

  Baby’s skin is delicate, in order to avoid baby’s skin burns, the temperature of the bath water should be controlled at 38?
Between 41 seconds.

Put cold water first and then hot water (this sequence hopes that every parent should pay special attention, if you put hot water first and forget to put cold water, it is easy to cause baby skin burns), and then test the water temperature with the back of your hand or wrist.

Because these two parts of the skin are more delicate, closer to the baby’s delicate skin, the perceived water temperature is more suitable for the baby, and the water temperature is not suitable to feel hot.

You can also use a special water thermometer to measure the water temperature, which is more accurate.

  After all this is ready, you can undress your baby and take a bath.

  Detail two: coordinate with left and right hands, hold the baby’s body, can pour the baby’s special bath liquid into the water or apply the whole body, and then gently put the baby into the water.

  When taking a bath, hold your baby’s body with your left arm and support the baby’s head to make it feel safe and comfortable. Cover your baby’s ears inward with your index finger and thumb to prevent water from flowing into your baby’s ears.

  Bathing your baby starts with the head, washing the face first, then the hair, and then washing the whole body.

  Details 3: Use a cotton ball or a soft towel to bathe your baby’s delicate skin. Do not use a towel with a rough hardness to bathe the baby, so as not to scratch the baby’s skin, you should replace the soft small towel.

If possible, you can reserve two towels, one for the face and the other for the body.

  Special attention should be paid to washing the baby’s vulva, especially girls, with this towel, and should not be used to scrub other parts of the body, especially the baby’s nose, mouth, eyes, to avoid bacterial infection of these parts of the vulva.

If you use this towel again, you must wash it to make sure it is clean.

  When cleaning with a towel, fold the towel while scrubbing, and scrub with a clean towel corner.

You can also clean your baby with a cotton ball moistened with water.

  After washing your face and head, wash your baby’s frontal body parts.

Later, turn the child upside down, put the child’s head against the mother’s left chest, grab the child’s left thigh with his left hand, and wash the perineal groin and tibia with a small towel soaked in the right hand (the baby girl must wash from front to back)Finally wash the lower limbs and feet.

After washing, immediately wrap the child with a large towel and dry it gently.

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