What is active psychotherapy?

What is active psychotherapy?

At present, the clinical psychology community mainly uses medication and psychotherapy to treat depression, anxiety and other psychological diseases.

Among the methods of psychotherapy, there is a method called positive psychotherapy. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which treats the patient’s heart disease in a targeted manner, it awakens the patient’s potential to actively respond to the disease symptoms.

At present, this new type of psychological therapy has been initially applied in domestic treatment practice.

   What is the first of the positive psychotherapy methods is mainly aimed at mobilizing the various capabilities and self-help potentials existing in patients.

   The positive psychotherapy method integrates the comprehensive psychotherapy genre to understand one’s own problems from a metaphorical perspective. It is a treatment model combining Eastern and Western cultures.

    Contents of Positive Psychotherapy Methods Positive psychotherapy methods include five-stage interventional therapy and adjuvant therapy in the form of storytelling.

   Five-stage therapy is a conflict-focused treatment method based on realistic capabilities.

It is divided into the observation and maintaining distance phase, the investigation phase, the situation encouragement phase, the language expression phase, and the expansion target phase.

   Story-assisted therapy, in the process of psychotherapy, patients are often reluctant to give up their basic ideas.

The storytelling method can be an intermediary between the rehabilitation therapist and the patient, enabling the patient to abandon the protective mechanism of neurosis, and alleviate the opposition of ideas in treatment.

Through storytelling, the therapist provides patients with supplementary or counter-concepts to deal with conflicts. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, it is easy to get the patient’s approval.

   Positive psychotherapy, as a beneficial supplementary form of psychotherapy, looks at the relationship between patients and diseases from a new perspective, and has been widely praised by psychologists and patients. It is believed that the continuous development and improvement of this treatment technology can benefit moreMany people with mental illness who are entangled in pain.

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