What drinks are suitable for children

What drinks are suitable for children

Drinks are water-based foods.

Beverages have four functions: one is to quench thirst; the other is to supplement the body’s water; the third is to supplement the water and some nutrients discharged by sweat and urine; and the fourth is to supplement the easy-to-use thermal energy during instant exercise.

  After children inhale 100 ml of water, about 30% is excreted by the lungs and skin, 65% is excreted by urine, and 5% is excreted by stool.

Water drained from the skin?

Worth neon?

Bring out sodium and zinc at the same time, the stool brings out indigestible food, and the urine brings out sodium, potassium, and metabolites of stomach metabolism.

It can be seen that water is an important nutrient that is not medicinal for the human body.

Therefore, it is possible for children to drink some beverages appropriately. Here I would like to introduce you to some beverages suitable for children: The first is mineral water.

Mineral water is a natural substance and contains children’s salt. It is a good drink, but it must be noted that fake and substandard drinks, such as some artificial mineral water, often carry harmful substances, some lead,Mercury, cadmium, and so on, must not be replaced by children.

  The second is orange juice, tomato juice and dregs.

This kind of beverage contains a large amount of vitamin c and is rich in sodium, potassium and other salts, and also has a diuretic effect. Homemade fresh juice made with fresh oranges and replaced with cold water is the most hygienic and beneficial.

  The third summer heat drink is made of silver flower, red date skin, mung bean flower, lentil flower, yang plum and so on. It is a good drink for summer heat detoxification with a little sugar.

  Basically, children should not drink beverages. Children should pay attention to “bringing doctrine.” Parents should be more selective about the drinks their children drink.

  Cola contains coffee and other irritating substances, which has the effects of refreshing the brain, strengthening the stomach and strengthening the body, and diuretic and diuretic, but it should not be excessive.

  The main components of soft drinks are sugar (or saccharin), pigments, and carbonated water, which are made by adding carbon dioxide. Except for a certain conversion, there is almost no nutrition. The human body cannot substitute too much artificial flavors, pigments, and less.Drink as appropriate.

  Colored fruit juice often drink fruit juice can supplement the body’s vitamins and inorganic salts. Organic acids can adjust the acid-base balance of body fluids, stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, and appetite and strengthen the spleen.

It may be those fruit juices with a very bright color, which contains a lot of pigments, which should be vigilant.

  Orange juice is rich in vitamins and inorganic salts. It is prone to thirst after drinking and makes the mouth sour.

  Sweet drinks replace water. About 70% of preschool children and 50% of young children are replaced by sweet drinks.

Scientists have found that this is extremely unscientific and can endanger the normal development of children.

  According to information, a cup of sweet drink contains six to seven spoons of sugar.

A study by the University ofampton found that children who drink too much of this type of sweet drink have poor gastrointestinal function, manifested by loss of appetite, lack of diet, emotional instability, diarrhea and crying while eating.

  From nutrition, we can know that the food that people eat every day is mainly glucose (sugar), protein and small amounts, and essential nutrients for the human body.

Protein is the main component of cells. The growth and development of the human body is mainly accomplished by ingesting protein from food. This is irreplaceable by sugar and unfortunate.

Research by scientists has found that the best nutritional formula for the human body should be: 60% of glucose, 20% of protein, and 20% of aunt.

Initially, the normal budget can meet human nutritional needs.

Because children are in the period of growth and development, their protein requirements are the same.

If a child ingests an excessive amount of sugar from a sweet drink and the sugar concentration in the blood is always at a high level, the child will not have a sense of obesity, cannot eat normally, and even cry at every meal or ask an adult to follow.

  Of course, the author is not against children drinking sweet drinks in moderation.

When children go out for a play or occasionally drink a sweet drink, it is a supplement to the body energy. It is beneficial and harmless, but it is not appropriate to drink sweet drinks before eating.

It’s even less desirable to replace water with sweet drinks.

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