Refuse to be an Apple Man after marriage

Refuse to be an “Apple Man” after marriage

After getting married and becoming dads, their waistline began to grow with their children.
It is not as angry as when reading a book, and not as polite as when in love, but just hurriedly responding to social entertainment and indulging in the delicious food at home.
  Middle-aged men should be the most attractive to some extent.
Family and career are relatively stable, temperament and demeanor have started to accumulate heavily, and are good at saying things with accurate eyes.
Apart from the “taste” that has been exchanged for years, their charm is concentrated in the critical moments of judgment and decision-making.
But if the figure is completely distorted and turned into a large and round apple shape, then the appeal will be reduced to a low point.
  The figure illustrates a person’s attitude towards life from an angle.
This applies to both men and women.
The “fat apples” obviously lack control over themselves, so fat accumulates easily and their charm is greatly reduced!
  It is not difficult to observe that the eyes of the “fat apples” have been squeezed into tiny bits, and the temperature has been constantly sweating. When you relax, you like to soften your entire body, eat fast and have a good appetite.Do not like sports, do not do housework, clumsy and funny.
If they get worse, they will become the object of protection at home, worrying that they will have heart disease, worrying that they will have fatty liver, worrying that their blood sugar and blood lipids will be high, that they will be afraid of heat, etc . They use the volume of their body to get a sense of “security”It’s completely offset here, it’s really not cute.
  The maximum limit of the waist-to-hip ratio for men should be 0.
85 ~ 0.
9. Beyond this limit, it is likely to have obesity-related diseases such as coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular sclerosis.
  Generally speaking, it takes a relatively long cycle to reduce abdominal fat through exercise, which is about six months to one year.
First of all, it is recommended to spend at least 20 minutes every day to warm up. At this time, the body consumes mainly the stored glycogen and water, and then starts mat exercises or equipment exercises, and performs targeted exercises for about 30 minutes. At this time, energy consumption starts to useThe fat stored in the body begins to show its weight loss effect.
If you have not exercised for a long time, it will be very difficult to do each set of abdominal movements. In the early stage of weight loss, you will continue to challenge your limits and feel very hard.
  From a health perspective, the apple-shaped figure has no benefit at all.
Never use the excuse of “happiness” to show off your waistline. If you listen to the advice of a fitness instructor, you will know the necessity of weight loss now.
  Under the big apple covered with fat, the muscle composition remains unchanged.
They consist of the following parts: 1.

External oblique muscle.
The superficial layer located on the outer side of the abdomen and in front is a flat-shaped muscle that contracts the spine forward or controls body rotation when contracted.

Rectus abdominis.
It is an oblong muscle located on both sides of the midline of the abdomen, which runs through the upper and lower abdomen. When contracted, it can lift the upper body or lower limbs or the upper body and lower limbs at the same time.

Abdominal oblique muscle.
It is a flat broad muscle located deep in the external oblique muscle, which is the same as the external oblique muscle when contracted.

Transverse abdominal muscles.
It is a flat latissimus muscle located deep in the internal oblique muscle. Because the muscle fibers can not move the spine, it can only maintain and increase abdominal pressure.

Abdominal muscles.
It is a rectangular flat muscle located on both sides of the lumbar spine in the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity. When contracted, it can do lateral flexion exercises.
A set of abdomen reduction plans can achieve the purpose according to the position and function of the abdominal muscles.
  Simple and easy belly reduction exercises and fat on the belly are the top priority in weight loss. They are the most difficult to tame.
If you only fish for three days and dry the net for two days, it will be difficult to see the effect.
The fitness instructor suggested that “Apple Daddy” should start exercising immediately, and immediately formulate a simple and easy belly reduction plan. Spend an hour at home every day to focus on the abdominal exercise.
  Three moves slowly. The coach designed a set of belly reduction exercises that can be done at home based on the structure of the muscles.

The following actions need to be controlled 3?
5 seconds, then exhale slowly and relax.

Do it once, 10 per group.

  1.Lying flat on the mat, curl your abdomen, bend your knees, put your hands behind your head, open your shoulders, and lift your body up when you inhale. Keep your waist, hips, and feet off the ground.

  Reminder: Cushioning on the pad is not a “sit-ups” as they say. The difference between these two actions is that you do not need to lift the whole body off the cushion, but only the part above the thoracic spine can leave the cushion.small.

Be careful not to adduct the lower jaw, try to keep the jaw and the chest a distance away, so as not to increase the pressure on the cervical spine.

  2.From the prone position, the prone position is completely relaxed. The arms are straightened above the head and the legs are straightened. When inhaling, the arms and legs are lifted up from the ground at the same time.

  Reminder: This action cannot be done with explosive force. Instead, slowly let the abdominal muscles force up the arms and legs. At the same time, pay attention not to tilt your head backwards or lift up with your upper body.

  3.Lift your legs to practice supine, stretch your hands straight against your body, and flex your legs slightly. Lift your legs off the ground when you inhale, and keep your legs off the cushions.

  Reminder: Do not leave the upper body and head off the ground, move slowly and rhythmically.

  4.Lie on your stomach with your side flexed, your calves slightly bent, your hands behind your head, your shoulders open, and your body lifted to the left and front side when you inhale.

  Reminder: As with the above action, when the body is lifted, only the thoracic spine needs to be off the ground, and the elbow does not need to be aligned.

The elbow is prone, the forearm is bent forward, the distance between the two arms is the same as the shoulder width, the legs are stretched close together, and the elbow and the forefoot are used as the support points to lift the body off the ground and keep the entire body in a straight line.

  Reminder: It feels similar to pushing up, it can’t relax on the left side, the whole body muscles are very tense, it is best not to lower your head.


Lie on your side with your elbows on your side, your left forearm flexed, your legs straight, and your right hand on your side.

Use your knees, elbows, hips, and feet as support points to lift your upper body off the ground.

Then exercise the other side.

  Reminder: Pay attention to maintain the balance of the body, and also work hard on the shoulders.

  Be a father, don’t let your figure get lucky and become an apple man.

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