Whitening 5 magics must be white

Whitening 5 magics must be white

Whitening Magic 1: Moisturizing first, then whitening. Moisturizing before whitening can increase the accumulation of skin stratum corneum, improve the surface cell tissue of the skin, and avoid the sensitivity of whitening products when they are dry.

Especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin, as well as mixed dry skin.

Skin with thin stratum corneum should pay more attention to this point. Before using whitening products, use moisturizing serum to care for the skin.

  Whitening magic 2: Sun protection is the mother of whitening. Because of the sunlight, the melanin survival conditions are only available after the activation of Melanin cells, so how important sun protection is for whitening.

When choosing a whitening product, it is best to choose a product that contains sunscreen ingredients. If not, you can use a sunscreen or sunscreen with a sunscreen effect.

In the selection of sunscreens, we must choose sunscreen products that are resistant to both UVA and UVB wavelengths, so that we can effectively protect sunscreens and suntans at the same time.

  Generally speaking, for sensitive and dry skin, it is suitable for physical sunscreen products. For combination and oily skin, you can choose chemical sunscreen products.

When going out, it is recommended to match a bottle of sunscreen spray and spray it gently to add points to whitening!

  Whitening Magic 3: Eat whitening foods that contain vitamins C and E, especially ripe tomatoes, which are sunscreen and whitening.

Kiwi, orange, apple, strawberry, leafy greens, carrots, oats, peanuts, green peppers, etc. are all good antioxidant and whitening foods!

  In addition, whether the absorbed food causes pigmentation is also the key to whitening effectiveness.

We should eat less acidic foods, certain meats, fats, alcohol, sugar, etc.

  Whitening Magic 4: Learn what the main ingredients of whitening products used in whitening secrets are, do you know?

Most people rarely touch on this part of the common sense, so often they are at a loss before standing in front of the cosmetics counter.

Learn about some classic whitening ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about going to the cosmetics counter in the mall, you can just listen to what the shopping guide misses say.

     Whitening Magic 5: Eye Whitening Don’t forget the sun protection and whitening of the eyes.

Choosing eye creams containing active ingredients such as vitamins A and C, or sunscreen-type eye creams are important alternatives to help whiten the eyes.

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