Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nigeria Meets with Parents of International Students in China

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nigeria 南京夜网 Meets with Parents of International Students in China
Ambassador Zhou Pingjian (Photo by Jiang Xuan) People’s Network Abuja, February 25th (Reporter Jiang Xuan) On the 25th, a meeting of parents of Nigerian students studying in China will be antiques in our embassy in Nigeria, Ambassador Zhou Pingjian in Colombia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of NigeriaThe Director of the Asia-Pacific Division, Aisha Dewa, the director of the Port Health Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Molenic Alex-Oko, the Chairman of the Chinese Alumni Association, Mohamed Suleiman, and more than 40 students attended the event.Zhou Pingjian briefed the current situation of China’s epidemic situation and China’s work on epidemic control.He also said that under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, 1.4 billion Chinese people went all out to fight the epidemic, and the comprehensive, stringent and thorough measures adopted by the Chinese government have far exceeded the WHO and international health regulations.Requirements.At present, the epidemic situation has been controlled on the whole, and the results are constantly expanding. We are even confident, capable, and determined to achieve victory against the epidemic, and we can also achieve economic and social development goals.Zhou Pingjian said, Seeing true love in adversity.Recently, we have received the care and support of Nigerian brothers and sisters.The epidemic is only temporary, but friendship and cooperation are eternal. China will always remember and thank you for your sympathy and support in fighting the epidemic.We will give priority to guaranteeing the well-being of foreign citizens in China. Taking care of international students will provide them with the needs of life just like taking care of their own children.Aisha said that China has even made great contributions to the development of the world economy and has made great efforts in epidemic control. Nigeria will face challenges together with China.Nigeria has the largest number of international students in China, but so far no one has been infected.Nigeria will continue to work closely with embassies and consulates in China to make every effort to help everyone in need.Molenek said that we are very happy to see the decline of new infections. We thank the Chinese government for their best efforts to protect the Chinese people and the people of the world, and hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible.On behalf of the Chinese Alumni Association, Suleiman read a letter addressed to international students in China and donated 600,000 naira to Nigerian students in Wuhan and surrounding areas.He said that all members of the Chinese Alumni Association had stayed in China and knew China very well. China took measures to protect foreign citizens and provide them with all kinds of help. We fully believe that the Chinese government can quickly overcome the epidemic.Subsequently, the parents of international students expanded enthusiastically, and everyone expressed their respect and thanks for China’s epidemic prevention and control work.At the same time, Zhou Pingjian answered the parents’ situation, and the good news was interrupted by applause.Lawyer parent John Cardilly said that through my child’s understanding, the Chinese government’s efforts to operate during the outbreak were much to be praised.For example, in Wuhan, even if it is an epidemic center, the items are not scarce. People can easily buy them online and put them at home.Chika Osuki, an international student’s parent from the Ministry of News and Culture, has repeatedly intervened and said that the epidemic can be controlled. Please do not panic.In this regard, he also wrote a special article, “Come on China, you will be able to defeat the new crown epidemic” to support China’s fight against the epidemic.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

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