Tips for coping with hair loss in the fall

Tips for coping with hair loss in the fall

Dry weather in autumn is not a test of the skin, and it is also very detrimental to human hair.

Because the environmental humidity is too low in autumn, the scalp is easy to dry and the hair is easy to dry.

If the nutritional intake of the human body cannot keep up at this time, it will be easy for the phenomenon to occur.

From the perspective of physiological metabolism, hair loss is a normal phenomenon, especially in autumn.

  However, if it falls off every day and exceeds 100 roots / day, it should be considered as prolapse.

Therefore, if someone feels that the hair is significantly longer than usual in the fall, they should pay attention to conditioning from various aspects of life to reduce the degree of hair loss.

  First, reduce the number of shampoos. Do not wash your hair too frequently in the autumn. Some people can change their hair as soon as they feel more hair loss. The result is the opposite. The more you wash your hair, the more your hair will fall.

In the fall, you should minimize the number of shampoos. Generally, you wash your hair every week?
2 times is enough.

Do not use degreasing and dandruff types like shampoos in the summer; wash your hair with alkaline soaps as little as possible; use conditioners more; use some beer or use salt and vinegar in water.Wash your hair to prevent and reduce hair loss.

  Second, sun protection should still pay attention to sun protection. The ultraviolet content in the autumn sun is not less than that in the summer sun, especially in the dry and violent days. Don’t forget the sun protection. Outdoor activities should also try to use an umbrella to reduce damage to hair.

  Third, adjust the diet to better diet hair growth, metabolism and diet nutrition have a great relationship.

Iron, sulfur, vitamin A, vitamin E, and high-quality protein are essential nutrients for hair growth, so diet should be based on, eat more plant protein, such as beans, kelp, etc .; also arrange more nourishing and moisturizing on the dietLung foods such as sesame, honey, white fungus, walnuts, lily porridge and fruits, vegetables, etc.

Properly add some vitamin B2, these have better effects on preventing hair loss and so on.

  Tips for treating hair loss ★ Grapefruit treatment for hair loss: If the hair is yellow, peeled or alopecia areata, you can use 25 grams of grapefruit core, soak it in boiling water for 24 hours, and apply juice to the hair and scalp every day 2?
3 times.

This can accelerate hair growth.

  ★ Ginger for hair loss: Cut the ginger into pieces and wipe it repeatedly at the place where the hair is yellow, peeling off the root of the hair or alopecia areata, and stick to 2?
3 times.

This can stimulate hair growth.

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