5 killers for aging women’s skin


5 killers of female skin aging

To explore the secrets of women’s age, you need to understand the problems that cause women to age.

Here are five major killers that cause aging. You who love beauty should pay attention to the details of your life!

  Too many adults: Modern women are busy at work, often replacing processed meals with processed and ready-to-eat foods, and often lack vitamins and minerals in their diet, especially if they do not eat breakfast, or eat too much and too late for dinner, and preferFrying smoked and grilled foods can cause increased problems for your aunt.

  There is no doubt that eating adults can overwhelm you and damage your arteries.

But the other dangers of adults to humans are little known; it can make you age.

  Indeed, if you want to recover from old age, it is best to eat more aunts that will turn into free radical factories in your whole body. These aunts make the cell function disorder, easily become cancerous, wantonly carry out destructive activities and even kill themselves.
Eating the wrong type of misfortune causes a series of chain reactions in which radicals tear cells, destroying and regenerating cell life.

The amount of feces entering the body is the key to a person’s rate of aging and the chance of getting sick.

  Keep this in mind: The type of trace you eat determines whether you are accelerating or retarding aging.

Let ‘s see why?

  Oxygen’s favorite oxygen Oxygen dissolves in the key 8 times faster than in water, and traces are much more attractive to oxygen than other substances.

When an adult is exposed to oxygen, it is oxidized.

If you put a glass of vegetable oil (such as cereal oil) in the air, the oil will quickly be filled with oxygen.

  Constipation: Constipation can make the skin dull and dull. If there is no defecation for more than three to five days a week, the stool will accumulate in the intestinal wall.

Stomach accumulates in the large intestine and forms toxins, which are then absorbed by the body in large quantities.

If these toxins are absorbed by the body, it will reduce the body’s resistance and immunity.

  Experienced women know that constipation is most likely to cause dry skin, melasma on the cheeks, and acne.

Severe cases include bad breath and body odor.

  Why is there such damage?

This is because the feces accumulated inside the body cannot replace the body. Toxins are absorbed by the body through the blood two or more times, and circulated in the body with the blood. The entire body is seriously polluted, and skin aging and abnormalities are only part of what you see.What’s more serious is that the human tissues and organs under the skin can’t be seen at the same time, and other organs of the human body are aging at the same time, and eventually lead to consequences.

Symptoms of constipation initially appear due to uncomfortable abdominal distension, or increasing number of farts and snoring. At this stage, you will only feel uncomfortable.

However, if left unattended, it is likely to develop into chronic constipation. It happens that the head is heavy and the coherence will be sore.

Too many people are prone to fatigue, irritability, dizziness or insomnia.

  In addition to stress, constipation is a partial eclipse.

The main drawbacks of the European and American diets that contain almost no dietary fiber.

That is to say lack of vitamin fiber.

What is even more surprising is that 80% of patients do not know the main cause, they take medicine for constipation, and they take effect. Without medicine, they immediately become constipated.

  Excessive cold drinks: Drinking too many cold drinks or eating a lot of cold foods will cause abnormal metabolism in the body, resulting in poor blood and blood in the body.

Drinking cold food often can cause water poisoning, which can cause abnormal urination and obesity.

  The reason why a series of cold drinks have an impact on women’s menstruation is mainly because cold drinks are cold drinks. Drinking too much of the body is susceptible to cold evils, causing poor appetite, diarrhea, and irregular menstruation in women.

In addition, the growth of the person in charge of the kidneys, so the kidneys have long-term yang deficiency under the attack of cold drinks, and the cold drink stimulates the uterus to contract for a long time, resulting in poor menstruation and blood clots.
  Acidic constitution: Those who absorb meat for a long time will cause the constitution to become acidic.

Acid constitution is the source of all diseases and one of the main causes of premature aging.

When we consume too much acidic foods, such as meat, fish, dairy products, etc., in the process of digestion, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and other elements will remain in the body, causing the body to become acidic and accelerate aging.

  According to the amount of elements in the food itself, it can be divided into alkaline foods, acidic foods, and neutral foods.

  Animal foods other than acidic milk.

Foods containing minerals such as sulfur, phosphorus, and chlorine, the final metabolites in the body become acidic, such as animal foods such as meat, eggs, fish, beans and cereals.

Properly matched with alkaline foods can help maintain acid-base balance in the body.
  Alkaline foods Plant foods other than grains.

Foods containing minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium are often alkaline in the final metabolism in the body, such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, soybeans, and fungi.

Properly matched with alkaline foods can help maintain acid-base balance in the body.
  Neutral food oil, salt, coffee, tea, etc.

  Excessive Overwork: Various problems that occur when people are overworked, such as general exertion, slow movement, and clumsiness, are all caused by the accumulation of milk, which is caused by continuous work.

  If you understand the main causes of aging, you should start with diet therapy and eat more natural and organic foods. Naturally, you can supplement the nutrients and enzymes that the human body needs.

  According to research, people who work physically in the army are aging at an average rate of 7 years faster than their peers who do not.

To assess how old the cells are, the researchers measured the length of the cells’ telomeres.

Telomeres are DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) motifs that protect the ends of chromosomes. The length of telomeres in a cell governs whether the cell enters aging.

Telomeres become shorter each time a cell divides, so the shorter the telomeres, the more times the cells divide, and the more the cells age.

  The study found that the telomeres of engineers ‘manual workers were shorter on average by 140 DNA sequence pairs than the telomeres of non-physical workers of the same age. Because the telomeres of cells lost an average of 20 base pairs per year, this indicates that manual workers’ cellsAged about 7 years.

  Researchers explain that overworked people’s cells are prone to aging because these people are under high psychological stress, which leads to an impact on metabolism and more damage to the cells.

  The top five anti-aging diets for major women: Xiaomi ‘s biggest effect is to treat indigestion, because Xiaomi is a very easily digestible food and is easily absorbed by the body. At the same time, it will produce the secretion of sleep-promoting serotonin, which is a mild fiber.Very effective for treating constipation and insomnia.

It is suitable for detoxification and cosmetic effects, and can also clear heat and diuretic effect.

  Coix seed helps to promote diuretic and swelling, is the best detoxification detox, is often used to whiten and improve the problem of edema, and also helps the immune and blood lipids.

If you have high blood lipids, ingesting 60 grams of barley kernels daily will significantly reduce blood stasis.

  Corn can be said to be the best anti-cancer product in cereals. It is rich in supplementary fiber, zeaxanthin, vitamin B6, nicotinic acid and other ingredients, and has the function of stimulating gastrointestinal motility.

Women’s supplements with corn can help beauty and make the skin more delicate. At the same time, it can also delay and relieve wrinkles.

Taking corn for a long time can also lower blood lipids and serum plasma.

However, corn can cause bloating and flatulence, so it is not advisable to eat too much at a time.

  Benefits of multi-grain cereals: Black sesame has a black hair effect. Based on its rich absorption of vitamin E and sesamin, it can inhibit the oxidation of free radicals and achieve anti-aging effects.

At the same time, it can also be calcium and magnesium, which helps the growth of bones. At the same time, it contains proteins, iron, vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, which all help to beautify the skin.

  Adzuki beans are a kind of health food for epidemic prevention, which has been accepted since ancient times. Its effects include nourishing blood, diuresis and swelling. For some beauty people, adzuki beans are more helpful for redness, blood and blood circulation.

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