Although the skin is very happy, very crooks pregnant or boat sat up, the other to appease the angry mood before the fall of Nanjing.

  ”Well, well, I do not trouble you..”
  ”Almost noon, you hungry, I do not eat braised ribs for you?”
  Ning autumn lift eye at him, “you will cook it?”
  ”That’s a must, brother of craft these days, make sure you still want to eat eat a second time.”
  Huai boat show off their cooking skills come from, he lived all these years, though often eat out, but also exercise an impressive culinary.
  As the saying goes, to seize a woman’s heart, the first to seize her stomach.
  He would do well today, give Ning autumn show off.
  Huai boat finished, really went into the kitchen.
  Although the autumn would rather do a few dishes, cooking levels are re杭州桑拿洗浴ally general.
  Ning and her mother do not do dishes, cook dad are at home last generation, cooking Ning Ning autumn mother taking the time to teach, one can imagine the level of.
  The Huai boat in this area was stronger than her ability and more.
  Soon, a few tasty, hot food was on the end table, Mapo tofu, braised pork ribs, pork garlic sprouts, seaweed egg soup.
  Though it is the most common dishes, the taste is really good, has always been rather small appetite of autumn can not help but eat a small bowl.
  ”You’re so skinny, eat more.”
  Autumn rather shakes his head, just watch the fun of tightness in the elimination of parts of the meal.
  ”Thank you entertain, I’ve had enough.”
  She wanted helped clean up the dishes, yet she was pregnant by boat on the sofa, a man the dishes and clean up the kitchen.
  Done all this, he shamelessly conspire ning around autumn.
  ”Qiuqiu, good afternoon to teach me with my homework?I have a lot of questions are not.”
  ”The principal and the teacher said, and we later learn is a group to help each other.”
  Ning autumn and shifted sideways, and he opened a little distance.
  ”I know you good grades, but some things you will not, I can teach you.”
  Heard this, rather autumn raised an 广州桑拿论坛eyebrow, lift eye to see him.
  ”Can you teach me anything?”

  However, inside the room because it touches people deep pink snail break up the taste a lot of tension, and even a little hungry.

  Finally, the “thump” sound, like a diary of the girl inside is so rang up the pace.Step by step, slowly Deng Dengdeng from each door to the past, like a woman in high heels stepping walk – “it” look to stay in every door, as if the sound is loud in our ears side, is seen many storms game anchors who feel creepy, but they did not dare to make a sound, waiting for the sound in the past.
  However, after a walk again, outside of the “it” is obviously nothing, the pace seemed anxious, impatient up, wandering to and fro, but more so, the more can not find prey, after half an hour, finally quiet the voice down.
  Everyone was relieved, but the next second, a sharp woman’s scream rang, as if dying struggle.
  Luoxue and the Soviet Union more as the one – they this line only three women, in addition Luoxue is Xu Meng heart and the sexy game anchor, sound Luo Xue Xu Meng heart familiar, it’s not, another girl relatively low voice, and strength good, notFor such a subtle expression Li Xi Wen “Your brother approached me I turned them down,” he also admire, laugh, laugh finished explained: “My brother grew up in foster care with relatives, relatives and good man, his character and you much like home to Wu Dong.By the way, Wu Dong to them how was?”
  ”When I came back to winter and Yan went to all the army, he wrote back a letter from them to see, They are in t苏州夜网he armed forces of good adaptation.”Li Xi and Wu Dong Wen think she is backing back those unpleasant meet trouble, can not help but smile,” the big brother to the static semester to take back this semester she transferred to the Bong Yang, is also quite good.”
  ”In the future it will get better.”Zhou Qiulin long took a deep gas.
  Li Xi Wen’s safe to say: “This year will be better than last year, the future will certainly be getting better and better.”
  Yuquan Road here more than ten universities, Yuquan town scale is larger than some of Xinghua town, there are several hotels in town.Passing a two-story hotel, Li Xi Wen saw the door hung a plaque big book “West to shun” really shocked.
  Li Xi Wen Zhou Qiulin thought to be interested in mutton pot, he said: “eat lamb warm winter, we eat here?”
  Li Xi Wen on the “West to shun” It’s very interesting, very much agree, “you can.”
  ”West to shun” the second floor there are private rooms.Meal points to there for a while, standing by the window and see the street chatting better than sitting down to squeeze strong topic.Li Xi Wen requirements of private rooms, the waiter ask them to only two, to open a packet between.
  Small rooms put on the brazier, slowly warm up.Zhou Qiulin point is that Yang Xiezai pot, ask Yang Xiezai After an hour before serving, wondering to buy two books to pass the time came, and went out.
  Li Xi Wen standing by the window looking out, Zhou Qiulin street to the other side of a small bookstore.It is a small bookstore next to the back door of what units.One after another from a group of people out the back door, tall and burly eye-catching several foreigners, foreigners out of the back impressively Ningdong!Li Xi Wen was not immediately want to open the windows to call people, Qin sticks and a little bit older than her estimate of the girl grew out of the door, the girl shouted Ningdong, Ningdong not look happy, but still look back and two girls walking side by side.
  Li Xi Wen Ren Ningdong very letter, Qin also trust the branches, but rather look at another girl on the east so positive, she was really blinded the.She had also tangled or not to Ningdong and greet, but now they do not want to tangle, and simply sit back to the table to be out of sight out of mind.
  Foot burst of thunder, the partition wall of the package hilarious.
  Li Xi Wen quiet listening.More people next door put two tables, for whom and who just sit on a table sometime very lively.Qin branch is not how to speak, but that was all shouting small van particularly lively girl, a la carte always find time to talk Ningdong.Ningdong occasionally answer a word, the response was very cold.
  Cute where men are really thinking about hiring was great, Li Xi Wen heart acid does not pull grumble, that she must say hello to the past.She went to the door, just Zhouqiu Lin and two young men went upstairs, walking and talking.Zhou Qiulin armpit also sandwiched a paper bag and saw Li Xi Wen said with a smile: “A person is boring bar.These two are my friend, just next door to eat.”

  Silver light armor is extremely fit, in bright sunlight against the background of the more dazzling, behind the black cloak with the horse and gently raised, with some romantic wanton and young in spirit.Since jade crown with long hair bundle, handsome face does not distinguish male and female, there are evocative facial features Qingyang.

  At a distance of three ten steps away, young generals pull the bridle, a little control the horse stopped, followed by dozens of guards in its wake also control the horse, almost at the same time stopped.
  The foremost generals juvenile nature is balanced jade, she dismounted, behind forty Guards together also dismount, action neat,广州桑拿网 showing the military capacity of the Su.
  Battle of the division.
  A closer look at the momentum of these soldiers, the letter leaves emerge out of all three of my mind the word.
  In addition, Tian Ju sudden way for the United States Army and hijack leaf letter added confidence, confidence in the leaves is more a sense of crisis.
  He thought to myself, the number of imperial guards, though many, he was really able to mobilize are also less than one million, and the imperial guards Luoyang bad idea to see blood, and where the state can and military guarding the border under a high.
  If you really want to support the beginning of the Song and Ming Zhong Ying and Ye family was accused, he can only learn a science Chung Ying, please go to the other foreign aid.
  For example, Liu Zhao Liang Zhou, animal husbandry has been on friendly terms with him, and decisions based on Liangzhou folk, soldiers combat power is no less and the state military.
  Of course, now we have to look at Song Heng-yu of his attitude.To see that she is going to support a secondary home or change in his attitude to the two do not Xiangbang.
  Heng Yu Ye letter and looked up on the TV, Heng-yu look first sweep in a circle, and finally went up to his eyes, soughing smile, Baoquan against leaf letter line for a ceremony, “if the early Ming expected good, can in Luoyang there is such a tolerance of people, and only leaves the letter leaves a great general people.Wal-Mart had long admired the early Ming Dynasty Great General, under what is known today, a square famous free from distractions disabilities.”
  Luoyang Heng-yu came earlier, had seen him in the letter leaves do not know when, so naturally recognize him.
  Consider a lot of confidence in the lower lobe, but he faces no obvious clues, he heard laughing out loud, “my fair niece polite.As early as the old lady heard my fair niece name, this country has always been the new generation is replacing the old one ah.”When it comes back a little sigh.
  ”General majesty is so very, so if someone says, the early Ming must first non-compliance.”
  And leaf letter greeting the two, Heng Yu was turned to stand to the side of the Tian Ju said: “Early Ming seen two.If the early Ming expected good, this gentleman should be under the command of his uncle Chung counselor, and the son of the family should be a secondary uncle younger generation now, I do not know what to call two?”
  Chung Yu Baoquan back to her a gift, “Zhong Yu, the word in season.”

  Zhuo Chu seemed dissatisfied with her distracted, he loosened the lips Chen Yiyi.

  Then screams Chen Yiyi, the man directly thrown on his shoulder.

Chapter 54
  Chen Yi Yi before in the novel or drama, to see when the male care of the household is picking up, she saw all the male handsome man.
  But when she personally experienced, I realized this is really good pain upside down.
  In particular, the other was wearing armor, Chen Yi Yi feel particularly uncomfortable stomach.
  However, she was at the moment of the acupuncture point, can only painful shouted: “Chu cut!You quickly put me down, a pain like this.”
  Chu cut like not to hear her words as fast nor slow pace of walking forward.
  Chen Yi Yi was originally a little afraid of him, but now she suddenly felt a bit wrong body,广州桑拿网 she remembered their menstruation seems to come.
  Prior to her after Fu Ling and others to seize, they simply have to worry met Chu family thing, I was not thinking himself menstruation is coming.
  Chen Yi Yi also gave afraid, angry look on in despair while repeatedly calling: “Chu cut, you little bastard, not quick to put me down, my stomach a pain.”
  Chu footsteps paused cut this time, because he smelt a little faint smell of blood.
  He remembered wound Chen Yi Yi’s face, her first reaction is also injured.
  Chen Yi Yi to see him stopped immediately Distressed continued: “I’深圳桑拿网m really uncomfortable stomach, can you put me down?”

  ”Gentlemen from afar, it is better to rest a night or two in my Tangjiazhuang in again leave.”After the banquet, the father got up and said Tang.

  He could not guess how come some people wanted to congratulate the transaction.Instead of letting them find some excuse to stay, I would rather he openly invited people to stay in Tangjiazhuang, which also allow those who legislator.
  Tang Jia Zhuang Zhuang name, and the name of nature is consistent with the size of the yard to accommodate these people are looking for martial art is not difficult.
  Tangwei words together a lot of people’s minds, and there are always Tangjiazhuang pay good martial nature will not split the Tangwei face, so everyone should be down.
  Father Don would have been to let the butler arranged, to be run out of the crowd banquet, he would let the housekeeper came to bring all these people martial art of placement.
  Since it left off, dinner prepared here naturally Tangjiazhuang good, but there is no lunch on the feast so rich.
  Canglang Pavilion head slowly drinking a bowl of soup, only with his eyes schematic been next to restless waiting for him to finish dinner Tao Yi speak.
  Permission, Tao Yi immediately put their thoughts out say, anyway, there is no other person to head Canglang Pavilion strength do not worry about someone hiding in the side eavesdropping, “Master, looked pretty Tangwei spirit, I do not know that he is installed or body has improved, figuring those things before we can even proceed?”
  Canglang Pavilion powerful strength is powerful, but it has been good in the arena stroke Review.
  They are an opportunity to rise several times by toppled some of the decline of the martial art, the annexation of their territory, so as to find a rise of opportunity.This time eyeing their prey is Tangjiazhuang.
  ”What are you anxious.”Canglang Pavilion to head slightly frowned,” Tangwei old wreck of injury is invisible injury for many years, where it is easy to cure, but is now also the day when he dragged his son to grow up Bale.He gives us this is put it front fog.”
  Canglang Pavilion annexation under his leadership had so many sects, those who do not know how many to put him front fog, if he even this can not be seen, Canglang Pavilion there will not be a brilliant today.
  ”that.”Tao Yi some hesitated.
  ”The natural temptation is to be tempted, af都市兔兔体验网ter all Tangjiazhuang although no previous power and influence, but the final counter-attack is very frightening, I do not want too many hands folded on the inside.”Canglang Court head to be stroked smile, gentle face, if not listening to his words, for fear that uninformed people have been his appearance to the deputy gentleman deceived.
  Tao Yi hand should be.
  Canglang Pavilion think Tangwei head daughter looks askew, suddenly turned around to see Tao Yi, warm voice asked: “Yi children think how Tangwei daughter looks, living as a teacher for so many years, had never seen the woman looks Bi Tangwei flourished person.Today Tangwei women also seventeen, and to the time of the talk of marriage.If Yi children as a teacher would like for you personally whereabouts Tang Weiti pro, you see how?”

  Yan Yan and Chen Bo came in, and found no one.

  The more meters and out of the B & B, the driver frantically waving for him, the more inexplicable meters walked over, pointed to a lot of baggage.
  Yan Yan luggage in the car.
  Meters from the subconscious to go back to Yan Yan, but Yan Yan had entered the house, seems to have no intention to come out.
  M more feeling in my heart can not say, uncomfortable, but said nothing, smiled in turn Yan Yan luggage moved out one by one.Once the whole move out, Bo Chen think of it also came to help, Yan Yan also out with, but always stood no hands.
  Meters from the foot of Yan Yan looked nearly eighty-nine cm high heels, silently looked away.

Chapte北京夜生活网r 036
  ”Hua Road Trip” Eight people finally assembled finished.
  Tang Siu-tong few people as boring to stay at home, then go out for a stroll around the assembly, back when Bo Chen Yan Yan and chat on the first floor, the more meters after hearing their voices rushed out from the second floor, tried to control myself, not put the phrase “you finally come back,” cried out.
  Bo Chen saw five people back together, I do not know why, inexplicably feel relieved.
  But should not be ah, this is not his goddess it, he clearly is looking forward to the two alone together before.
  There is probably not very familiar with it, so can only console myself Bo Chen.
  Tang Tang bought put things in the hands of his eyes fell from the couch together Yan Yan body.
  I had looked in the mirror face twenty years, now shining in the eyes, feeling very上海夜网 strange, but it has not be ignored awkward, tsk, now this body of people, in the end is what people do?
  Once again the subtle meet again, but Yan Yan in the end is already in the entertainment business for several years, and the rest a few guests and know her, especially a man named Chu Shan actress.Chu Shan and Yan Yan of the same age today is 23 years old, since it is the same age, when he pulled together relatively more.
  Tang Tang recalled that previous Yan Yan when she was still, in private, and she never said a word almost Shan Chu.
  Her two really bad relationship, even the fans can tell the outside world.
  So this time Yan Yan participated in “In the Mood travel,” Watch out between the compelling love triangle, as well as Yan Yan and Chu Shan.
  Yan Yan Shan Chu no impression, after all, the book is not specifically explain, in the book there is a sense of the strongest female characters or Tang Siu-tong.
  The book of Tang Siu-tong’s physical description is very large, it becomes after Yan Yan, Yan Yan found a photograph of Tang Tang, Tang Siu-tong have to say this is absolutely the face looks, Yan Yan and even some regret, because Yan Although Yan also looks pretty but definitely not as Tang Siu-tong.

  Looked at the four children, to evict people if Xi Li Wen is not to say exports, she said: “a little out of the sun, you come on, I’ll give you pour water to drink.”

  Li Dahai just in the back room to learn, to come out and grabbed the sink Zhangzhu, four children out there do not know.The sisters thought he was not recognized before, but in front of the naive child he could not say many words, he only said: “That, unfortunately text classmate Mom, how do you bring out the child?We commune wolf knows you do not know?”
  ”We do not own is over, our production team of people to come work, we go with them.You are here on wasteland in the wasteland, a lot of people, very safe.”Dong Xinlan for a smiling face, shouting:” Li Shushu good, good Cao aunt.I was Li Xi Wen beginning college roommate, my name is Dong Xinlan.”
  ”Hello there.”Caoyue Ying smiled, put a big deal regardless of Lee’s attitude, to help her daughter out to the well to wash the cup.
  Cried the visitors in the house is not possible to entertain her tea, a few are all boiled water, but two years old big baby or a little preferential treatment, Li Xi Wen see his skinny pathetic and particularly well-behaved, alone give him half a glass of warm water against , which add a pinch of sugar.
  The child drank sugar water to hold Pazhu cup, drank also shouted: “To, to be.”
  The little baby girl’s arms was scared, Twist cry, voice weak as a kitten called.
  Shen Zhang Zhu crying cajole the small hold in the past, while coax while tears fall down clusters.
  Caoyue Ying hate this something people do not say first cry.She stood up and said: “Do you have some南宁夜网thing directly to say, the way you cry, then after a while you do not go, people jiagou production team to go back you can not keep up, this group of children how to go home?”
  Shen Zhang Zhu sobbed, “Xi Li Zhen, Li Zhen Xi put her children sent us.But where we have to keep him alive?”
  ”Li Zhen Xi is not married Well, her children are not your family, how can you let her too domesticated?”Things Wen Li Xi Xi Li Zhen performance is completely unaware.
  ”She farm labor camp in River County Kerry next door, the child is not born with milk, we know on here at home, we hosted teach children to us cadres sent home.”Dong Xinlan frown,” my brother have been weaned, the child did not Naichi, the cafeteria is playing a little feed him porridge.Such fear is not make a living raising.In the end is a life, my mother heard that your family here, you wanted to come to think of a way.But she was thin-skinned, embarrassed openings.”Dong Xinlan self-deprecating laugh, for she was Li Xi Wen, she is also estimated to be hopping curse, but who can watch the baby starved to death?She can only bite the bullet and make her hate.
  ”Your honor sin, children suffer.”Caoyue Ying stood up,” I give this child a little sugar to feed.Xi Wen, you go to the production team no matter Which is to ask someone millet willing to change, as long as our family and some things have changed for him.Run a little faster.”
  ”Ok.”Li Xi Wen stood up.
  Dong Xinlan go along with Li Xi Wen, he said, “I’ll go with you!”
  Okay, just willing to work with, have you definitely can not change millet.Xi Wen Dong Xinlan on and go with her to the village ran 78 companies and everyone shook his head to say no.Li Xi Wen listened to the children of cadres is home folder Village delegated find millet.It touches someone said: “Now every family relief food to eat, where to stay can have millet.It is there, that little baby enough to eat a few days?If the county farm has sheep, might even go a little goat’s milk.”
  Dong Xinlan heard these words is very clear, out of her face would collapse coming down from the village, said: “The penal farm must have milk, Li Xi Zhen why should the scourge of our family!”
  ”Yes your home.And my family does not matter!Great uncle and our family home also cut off relations with the.”Not Xi Li Zhen Li Dong Xi Wen guess domesticated child, is led by Zhu grandson, she shrugged and direct, said:” Li Xi Zhen plug the children in your family, your child wants to go back to her stuffed what keep drawing support?”

  Jojo week to see her silence, as Liu Yun said.She was not surprised, because really know in advance.

  Liu Yun satisfaction that up, up here, at least you can determine, her dream is true, that is, indeed weeks Jojo took away her chance.
  Jojo Zhou came to see her, she began to ask: “You’ll have to go back to your own world you?”
  Liu Yun stopped, looking surprised a moment, she did not know sheI do not want to go back.Although the line and still be home, but the thin dead camel than a horse, she now flies or better than the real world.
  Zhou Jojo sat on the bed, looking at her, his face calm and continue to ask: “If I die, you will go to jail in this world of.”
  Liu Yun has surprised a moment, she had not thought about prison issues.
  ”You say this world is a book?But I grew up in this world grow up, I do not think there is anything in this world was not the same.It also has a sound system too complex human nature, buildings, blue sky, my world and your world is not the same as what you?”Zhou Jojo strange, unreal world what she said?
  Liu Yun: “.”Yes, these are two different world.
  ”You killed me in this world, you are a murderer.To go to prison, life in prison live.”Zhou Jojo intimidate her.
  They do not care Liu Yun laughed: “There is no relationship, after you get out of the body, I can go to your body, it is Shangqi Wen jail, not me.”
  Zhou Jojo frown, asked: “how do you know you can go to my body?That has always been my body, and what is the relationship you?”
  ”I do not know, but do not try, who knows!”Liu Yun laughed, in fact, if that dream is true, and that dream to remind probably also not fake.
  Zhou Jojo see she was serious, scared to climb out of bed, probably too nervous, she accidentally fell to the ground.Seeing Liu Yun closer and closer, only weeks Jojo shouted at her: “Are you crazy?If my body does not come into it?”
  Liu Yun rushed over to catch her: “No, said yesterday dream, as long as you die, I can go.”The world would be righted..
  Liu Yun Zhou Jojo see a wolf-like towards me, FML cry, Liu Yun wil佛山桑拿l kick out.
  Liu Yun Zhou Jojo suddenly do not want to kick up, “ah” sound, direct hit to the back of the fly behind the wall to.

  In order to withdraw their own righteousness, the emperor face sorrow and regret Road.

  ”This Zhezi Guaren depressed, Guaren give you a chance to consider.Two weeks, two we北京会所体验网eks after, or now if you mean it, then press it Guaren military disposal.Withdraw military power!”
  Not to mention what the gift of marriage, it would be won, Duanmu left no green house to eat dinner, wore a wet tea eviction went.
  Behind extravagant extravagant joy, laughter, are behind them, the majestic Imperial City, swarthy, like inner core as it goes bad.

  ☆, eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters bowed in power

  A long time ago and so on get on Court of pearl harbor ill at ease princess, who in her youth after Duanmu palace started to pay attention, and into the two hour study Yu did not come out, this thing can be very flexible.
  Fu Huang said before take her betrothed to Duanmu blue, green Duanmu did not see, she was still a little inconsistent.
  A rough Takeo, every day will denounce the compounds so that they are to marry him, simply stoop.
  Until the triumph of the team into the city, at the restaurant that glance, is that moment, she heard his heart beating.
  It is this man!
  Valiant mighty, the world revered hero, There is nothing more worthy of his own to marry a.
  But these days there are rumors that Duanmu green Kangzhi, do not want to marry their own.
  As a royal daughter, the pride of the bones, so she can not believe this is true.
  So today’s palace banquet, she noticed the outset.
  ”Princess, went Duanmu general eviction!”Maid hurry to go, Hector Yunli conspire ear talking all the time, still big breath.
  ”Eviction?This banquet is not open look.”
  Banquet hall watching the dancing, talk nobility and cultural civil and military ministers, Hector Yunli live in the mouth.
  This time Duanmu Green left the palace, the only explanation is that the rumors are true, Duanmu green Kangzhi refusing to get married, even the palace feast are not eligible to participate in the.
  ”Royal said the study’s father, the emperor made a pass temper, Duanmu generals out of time, are wearing tea, the favorite of the emperor kiln smashed.”
  Maid full of worries, for the news, she was up and down all figured out that eunuchs, want to know the princess, do not punish her.
  ”But know what the reason?”Hector whispered Yunli.
  ”It is said Duanmu general has his, a girl all the way to Kyoto to find him.”
  Hector Yunli’s eyes were red, like a turkey. What kind of woman, to attract him.
  ”I do not believe!He had no chance to get to know other people!”
  ”Do not worry princess!Right now is not the impulse, the emperor give you this thing call the shots.”
  ”People to investigate!Who in the end is?Why.”


  Beautiful people get apical shake.
  She looked with satisfaction the two on the phone like a girl of eighteen, pull Jiang Ningning hand, “I Come.”
  He is ready to leave.
  Cheng-wan, shouted to her, smiled and whispered, “Do not gifts yet?”
  Wen Yan, Jiang Ningning looked back on the table wine rose.
  There are eight digits sinking value of the dollar diamond ring.
  Chi Ying did not speak, she pulled straight forward.
  Cheng-wan, low angrily: “I’m talking to you!”
  The next second, he subconsciously Shenchangshoubi, intended to press on her shoulder.
  For the disobedient prey, his first thou南宁夜网ght is to use force uniforms.
  Tonight, he had tried to restrain the.
  Chi Ying seems to feel the flow of air, and instantly took a step back, dodging off.
  Think of the young state of fear, she can not refuse.
  So she said dismissively, “I do not like.”
  Cheng-wan, silent, spoiled tone.
  ”Okay, you do not like it, throw.”
  Jiang Ningning a little heartache.
  In late cherry and ginger Ningning went to the box door, standing on the porch, just g深圳桑拿按摩ive her flowers young, late cherry to cast a look full of gratitude.
  Chi Ying Zheng Zhu.
  She may be a long time have not seen such a pair of eyes in the warm feelings.
  His strong gratitude to quickly overflowed.